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FRI-01 Fiasco - Potter's Mill

Posted: June 25th, 2010, 7:09 pm
by nemomeme
I facilitated Fiasco for johnzo, Matthew S-B, and Eric Logan. I had access to a GPNW version of December's Fiasco playset, but we were most excited by the Main St. (in a nice southern town) playset from the rulebook and went with that.

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johnzo's take:
"In Fiasco, Matthew S-B fell in with the wrong crowd at Narc-Anon when he sponsored Gagan, who stole his mason jar of Confederate gold coins. Gagan did quite well for himself as a prosperity gospel preacher in the aftermath; that reincorporating little creep stole all the inspirational speeches that my sweetly maternal madam made during the game. As for me, the insurance wouldn't pay out and in the end, I couldn't even get a job at the movie theater. Eric Logan's brothel-mopper suffered worst, though, when the Roosterman made him into the new Little Peep."