FRI-01 Polaris: Heart of Haku, Heart of the Demon

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FRI-01 Polaris: Heart of Haku, Heart of the Demon

Post by Ben Robbins » July 9th, 2011, 11:27 am

players: Colin, James, Dave, Ben

"Right about now I'm thinking about my bright red hair..." -James, thinking he just may be busted for fathering a child with his Captain's wife

New Polaris players rock the table! Everyone played fantastically. James was pitch perfect as the increasingly entangled knight Signus, Dave's "born under a sorcerous star" knight was just begging for trouble and Colin happily provided it in spades (yes, the sword you make from the demon's heart might just turn out to be evil...). Lovely. Dave also gets a bonus tip of the hat for playing the now bro-Captain whose wife Signus is having a torrid affair with: "You're my friend Signus, so I know I can confide in you. I fear my wife Haku may not be faithful to me... what should I do, buddy?" Really excellent straight man work. Colin and I were on the floor laughing, because that's just how we chose to express our sympathy for James' plight.

(I'm just throwing this up as a placeholder for now, so anyone from the game who wants to jump in and add details/reflections, have at!)

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