FRI-01 Fiasco: Dallas 1963

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FRI-01 Fiasco: Dallas 1963

Post by EnricPDX » July 12th, 2011, 11:34 pm

Players: Tori, Mark, Ryan, Harry

We ended up having seven players for our Fiasco game, so we split into two tables, with Tori and I facilitating one and Chris Bennett facilitating the other. We both stuck with Mr. Bennett's Dallas '63 playset, though, and Chris had the brilliant idea of having both tables huddle at the Tilt and each take a little element from the other game to slip into our own.

Our story revolved around two mobsters - a wet-behind-the-ears kid and and his old-soldier mentor - a washed up stage magician, his aging assistant, and The Grassy Knoll, the young mobster's seedy nightclub where the two performers worked. We ended up accidentally dropping a bust on the head of a woman that had been hit by a car, setting fire to a crashed car with the same woman's body in the trunk, and murdering a crooked veterinarian at a cattle stockade. Swapping story elements at the Tilt was great - it was just enough of a link to connect our two games, without being unwieldy at all. Kudos to Chris for coming up with that idea, and to Tori, Mark, and Ryan for playing!

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Re: FRI-01 Fiasco: Dallas 1963

Post by Caesar_X » July 15th, 2011, 11:06 pm

I was so happy when I saw that Harry and Tori were bringing this.

It's rare to have two tables playing the same playset, so I got to try the content swap I always wanted to try. And it was super fun!

Three-player Fiasco always brings the tight storyline, and this game was no exception. Also, I got to show off the leather-bound copy I just got in the mail of Fiasco, the Companion, and my two playsets, Dallas 1963 and Los Angeles 1936. The custom cover rocks!!

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