SAT-02 Capes: Attack of the Magic Forest

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SAT-02 Capes: Attack of the Magic Forest

Post by Seth » July 17th, 2011, 8:13 pm

The heroes:
Avatar, Godling / Simple Soul, played by Pete C.
Kid Snap, Shapeshifter / Spunky Kid, played by John P.

The villains:
Anzelmo the Magician, played by Jay L.
Mimic with a weird name I can't remember, played by Morgan S.

The time slot was for two and a half hours, which is just enough time to make characters, create relationships between them, learn the rules and play out one scene with two conflicts.

After click 'n' locking and ranking abilities, everyone shared their character concepts and histories and came up with some personal (Exemplar) conflicts: Anzelmo Harnesses Avatar's Power, Mimic Mimics Kid Snap's Imagination, Kid Snap Asserts His Independence to Avatar (subtitled, "you're not the boss of me"), Mimic Proves His Worth to Anzelmo

We then brainstormed some previous scenes involving those conflicts and decided how they'd resolved. Each character was given an appropriate Inspiration, just to show them how they worked. We established that:

- Anzelmo had recently captured Avatar in an attempt to harness his angelic power (Avatar got a 4-point Inspiration, "Avatar Escaped")
- the Mimic recently disguised himself as Kid Snap's girlfriend and freaked him out (Mimic got "Kid Snap Is Paranoid" (2))
- Kid Snap had just rescued Avatar from Anzelmo's Sky Castle (Kid Snap got "Kid Snap Rescued Avatar" (4))
- Anzelmo was angry at the Mimic's constant failures and regretted ever summoning him (Anzelmo got "Mimic Has Got To Go" (2))

Finally, we brainstormed the villains' fiendish plan and the main conflict for the scene: Magic Forest Eats New York. Anzelmo intends to perform an arcane ritual in Central Park, causing an enchanted forest to cover all of Manhattan. Pete specified a certain domed landmark as the focus of the ceremony, but I've forgotten its name.

As the scene began, Kid Snap had just rescued Avatar from the villains' hovering Sky Castle. Anzelmo was holding aloft a stone tablet with a mystic rune carved into it. Someone established that the rune was in the angelic Enochian language, and that Anzelmo had used Avatar's divine power to energize it.


- Anzelmo convincing himself that he was working with nice faerie spirits, not demons
- Kid Snap shapeshifting into a spring, a mirror, a garbage truck, a buzzsaw and a giant eggbeater
- Avatar unleashing his Holy Eye-Beams upon Anzelmo, who barely deflected them with his unholy Wards and Sigils
- Anzelmo transforming into a mighty tree-man and fighting Avatar toe-to-toe, until Avatar dropped another tree on top of him
- Mimic imitating Avatar and confusing Kid Snap, forcing the Kid to make a decision for once

In the end, the heroes won the main conflict and John resolved it, describing the villains' defeat and the enchantment fading away.

At the start of page two, we'd voted on which personal conflict to bring in and decided on Kid Snap Asserts His Independence. In the end, Kid Snap won it, but Morgan claimed and resolved it! He described how Kid Snap had proven that he didn't need Avatar's guidance anymore and that maybe it was time for the duo to break up! All part of the Mimic's plan, of course, to get Kid Snap alone in a future scene...

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