SAT-03 Capes: Rise, Atlantis

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SAT-03 Capes: Rise, Atlantis

Post by Seth » July 17th, 2011, 8:17 pm

The heroes:

Whirlwind, Magician / Spunky Kid, played by Charles S. Fifteen years old, specializes in casting protective spells and summoning elementals.

Zig, Teleporter / Hotshot, played by Bryan Y. Incredibly obnoxious, kicked out of six different superteams, Whirlwind is now the only other hero who will hang out with him.

The villains:

Seriloth the Devourer, Shapeshifter / Puppet Master, played by Jesse L. Worshipped as a god by a South Pacific island cult, sustains his powers by eating the fruit of a weird unholy tree, always hungry for more sources of magical energy.

Salvo, Shootist / Ingenue, played by Alex C. Pretty boy mercenary with tons of weapons, uses GI-Joe-type laser beams instead of bullets, frustrated by his continuing inability to shoot Zig.

Exemplar Conflicts: Seriloth Converts Salvo, Salvo Shoots Zig, Seriloth Eats Whirlwind, Who's the Real Hero?

Previous scenes and Inspirations:

- Seriloth convinced Salvo to attend a cult ceremony ("Salvo Drank The Unholy Fruit Punch")
- Salvo hacked into every British surveillance camera and recently spotted Zig teleporting through London ("Salvo Has Tracked Down Zig")
- Seriloth's recent attempts to trick Whirlwind have failed miserably ("Whirlwind Has Seen Through Seriloth's Deceptions")
- Zig is slightly more reckless and boastful than Whirlwind ("Zig Dominates The Argument")

The scene took place on an aircraft carrier off the British coast. Seriloth had determined that this was the exact spot to perform the spell to raise Atlantis (Goal: Atlantis Rises, the UK is Destroyed), and that the nuclear reactor on board must fuel the ritual.


- Seriloth, in the form of a huge dragon, dropping onto the carrier and sweeping the planes off the deck with his mighty wing, clearing a space for Salvo to land his personal jet
- Salvo slowly walking through the ship, (laser-)gunning down sailors left and right, approaching the nuclear reactor room
- Zig snatching the reactor room keys from Seriloth and rolling poorly, Seriloth shrugging and changing his fingers into perfect replicas of the keys
- Tentacles tipped with shark teeth coming out of Seriloth's face as he moved in to eat Whirlwind!
- Zig teleporting on top of Seriloth's monstrous head, mocking him and teleporting away
- Salvo activating his backpack, Predator-type weapons popping out over his shoulders
- Zig appearing behind Salvo, attempting to wrench the weapon pods loose, rolling poorly and falling to the floor, temporarily paralyzed by the backpack's electrical defense grid

At the start of page two, the vote was tied for bringing in either Seriloth Eats Whirlwind or Salvo Shoots Zig, so we rolled a die for each and Salvo Shoots Zig won.

In the end, Alex won and resolved Salvo Shoots Zig, describing Salvo approaching Zig's paralyzed form, taking aim at his forehead, saying "bang!" and walking away, whistling happily.

But the heroes won the Atlantis conflict and Charles resolved it spectacularly, describing Whirlwind summoning a water elemental, its gigantic fist punching straight through the hull of the carrier and dragging Seriloth down to the ocean depths.

One last highlight:

- The carrier sinking, tipping backwards into the water, and Salvo launching his jet to escape just in the nick of time

And one highlight that never was, which Jesse was sad that he didn't get to narrate:

- Big Ben shaking and exploding from within, pierced by a crystalline spire, then thousands more erupting from England's buildings, streets and countryside as the rising of Atlantis destroys it all

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