SAT-03 The Dreaming Crucible

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SAT-03 The Dreaming Crucible

Post by Joel P. Shempert » June 14th, 2010, 3:04 pm

Growing up is trauma. Maturity is bought with blood. You will find it –in a land where magic dwells and enchantment rules. Have you bravery enough to wrestle with demons? Wisdom enough to resist beguilement? Nerve enough to grow up?

The Dreaming Crucible is a storytelling game about coping with adolescent trauma in the midst of a grueling magical quest. The troubled hero or heroine is trapped or drawn into Faerie and must overcome a terrible Nemesis to return to their Mortal life with body and soul intact.

It requires three players (including me) and plays in about an hour and a half. If enough people are interested, I can try and run two rounds of it in the slot, but it might cut into dinner a bit. I'm also running pickup games when I can throughout the weekend.
NOTE: The Dreaming Crucible is in playtest but eminently playable. Actual play report available on the Forge. The demo booklet is on sale for $5.



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