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Thanks Everybody

Post by gammaraygames » July 1st, 2012, 5:18 pm

This was my third year at GoPlay and each year just gets better and better. As always, I saw good friends, old friends and met new friends and had plenty of opportunities to talk with and game with them all.

Each year, I try to up my involvement in some way. My first year, I played in two games, one of which was casually preplanned, the other a doughnut. The second year, I played in two games and ran two games, all doughnut pickup. This year, I ran a doughnut game, played in two games that I signed up for through the forums (a first for me, and a trend I’m definitely going to continue) and one doughnut pickup that I was very excited about. I definitely got in my fill of pulp, camp and grit over the weekend.

I also really enjoyed the free table (Which I both took from and contributed to and will definitely bring a lot more for next year now that I know that it’s going to be there.) and the shared public dungeon map. I contributed a lot of tiny details to the map and enjoyed doodling and talking with people between gaming sessions.

Next year, I’m going to up my participation by posting a game or two on the forums for pre-signup prior to the event. Right now, inspired by the games I played this weekend, I’m thinking about a either a competitive ‘Escape from New York’ and/or a cooperative ‘The Warriors,’ one-off(s), probably using a homebrew of that Whatever World hack that everyone will inevitably be so excited about by then.

Thanks for another great year. You’re all a joy to spend time with and I really appreciate all of the time, effort and creativity you put in to make every GoPlay so great. I’ll see you all at the table next year if I don’t see you sooner.


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