The Quiet Year!

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The Quiet Year!

Post by Ego » May 25th, 2013, 5:52 pm

I'm rarin' to facilitate something this year, and the only thing I really feel comfortable running myself is The Quiet Year! That's okay though, because TQY has become one of my favorite games. So here's the pitch:

The Quiet Year is the story of a small community finding its way in the post-apocalypse. After repelling The Jackals, the community has bought itself one year of relative peace - this is the story of that year. Using a deck of cards to prompt questions and events, we will both advocate for our community and play devil's advocate as well introduce trouble and difficulty into their lives. We will not be playing in single characters, but instead represent the currents of thought in the community as a whole. Every action we take will be chronicled on a map of our own creation, and in the end we'll have this tapestry that tells the story of our game.

I can do this with up to three other people. You WILL be drawing, but quality is absolutely not relevant and no sort of artistic ability is needed. I can run this in any slot, either three or four hour, but not the slot we're holding the Lottery in or one of the other 4-hour slots that has yet to be determined.

So, any takers?
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