Blowback - a spy game similar to Burn Notice

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Blowback - a spy game similar to Burn Notice

Post by zornwil » June 20th, 2013, 8:33 pm

I've now run Blowback a number of times as a one-shot, and after a good bit of trial and error have arrived at, I hope and tend to believe anyway, a solid way to run it. However, it does take more time than the typical slots at GPNW to be a solid game and provide a great insight into Blowback. (FYI I'm also running a campaign of Blowback at home now as well)

So I realize this is a bit last-minute, being barely a week before the con, but are 2 or 3 players interested in playing across 2 slots, as a few games have done? I would recommend either Sat-01 and Sat-02 or Sun-01 and Sun-02 rather than lose momentum overnight or across dinner (though across dinner wouldn't be so bad).

PS - by "similar to Burn Notice" in the thread title, let me be clearer: Blowback emulates spy fiction like Burn Notice and the Bourne series; it is very focused on burn Notice kind of playing where there are burnt spies/agents dealing with their civilian relationships and their situation. Each player plays a spy and a civilian. With 2-3 players, I'll bring some Civilian prototypes you can further shape to speed character creation, The spies will be burnt or otherwise no longer "in the game". It is most interesting, I think, if you already know Burn Notice, especially as it shares the narrative structure of that particular show.


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