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What games are you thinking of playing? What games do you want others to run?
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Orion's Games

Post by OrionCanning » June 24th, 2013, 3:16 pm

I can run any of the games I've written if anyone has interest. Including:

Go Puck Yourself: The first game I wrote, a romantic comedy game based on A Midsummer Night's Dream. Fairies causing mischief among a tangled web of mortal lovers.

Reality: A semi-Larp game within a game about recursive realities and existential crisis.

Dragon And Warrior: A hack of Silver and White about old school video-game RPGs. Fight monsters, gain XP, draw lots of maps and monsters. GMless with a single protaganist and various narrative roles that get swapped around as you play.

Spilled Milk: A game by my ex house-mates Mel and Clel. Play as Mel, Clel, or the helpful and unhelpful voices in their heads, as they try to figure out how to raise their baby together.

The House: A game by me and Robert Bruce, designed to be played over youtube, about a group of narcissists on a reality TV show, gossiping about each other through their video blogs. I'd really like to run this and film it, then put it on youtube. Season 4!

Letting Go: A game by me and Robert Bruce about a family losing a loved one in a small town somewhere in South America. As the bereaved moves through the grieving process, their grief gives them Magically Realistic powers to affect reality in small ways.

The Firestarter (monsterhearts): A very angry teen, whose anger sometimes causes things to catch on fire around them. If anyone wants to playtest the firestarter in a monsterhearts game let me know. I can also run monsterhearts myself.

Some games that are in a bit of a rougher stage in the development cycle but still play(test)able :

The Last Word: A TV show writing team work on their next big hit, but unknown to any of them one of them is a prophet of the coming apocalypse, writing warnings into the script. It's mostly about how an Original artistic creator's voice can be lost in the collaborative process.

On the Nose: A game by Robert Bruce about members of the 1920's elite who have hired an artist to illustrate a political cartoon for them to impose their spin on current events. Pretend to smoke fake cigars while an artist tries to draw something meaningful from your selfish, power deluded ramblings.

In Sights: A game about psychic secret agents, spying on each other. At first you narrate everything your target does from far away, then as you get closer and more intimate in later scenes, your target gains more and more control.

Immortal Soul: A game about the price of immortality, where one character, The chosen, must kill someone close to them every 20 years or lose their immortality.

300: Another game by me and Robert Bruce. Only playable if there's a bowling alley we can get to. Play generals In Xerxes army during the battle of Thermopylae, telling war stories while waiting your turn to attack the spartans. Also bowling.

I'll also make some of these games available for sale, but if there's a specific one you're interested in purchasing, I can make sure to make it available. I'll also probably run some donuts, and some other people's games too.

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Re: Orion's Games

Post by zornwil » June 27th, 2013, 12:53 pm

Would like to purchase Spilled Milk if a copy exists. Enjoyed that last year.

Hope to try out something you run, the list sounds good.


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