SAT-03 Danger Patrol Nights [NSFW]

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Re: SAT-03 Danger Patrol Nights [NSFW]

Post by Brendan » June 13th, 2013, 2:49 pm

milesgaborit wrote:Actually, could I get some clarification on "late night session"? I'm not staying at Seattle U and am going to have to be out of there by 12:30ish, so if the game is happening later than that somebody else should take my spot.
Hey Miles, this is happening at the same time as the other SAT-03 games, which in theory run 8 pm-midnight. Other late night games have run past the midnight cutoff, but four hours of Danger Patrol is a LOT of Danger Patrol, so I don't see this game running until 2 or anything.
Ben Wray wrote:Just had the thought that AD&D's old Random Harlot Table might be an excellent reference for this. "Wanton" "Saucy" "Sly" etc.

Current player roster: Matthew Klein, Ben, Morgan, Miles, and David, which means all slots are taken. I may decide to open up a final slot for on-site signups (I should have thought to reserve one already), but no guarantees.

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Re: SAT-03 Danger Patrol Nights [NSFW]

Post by toolhead » June 24th, 2013, 3:36 pm

I'd love a spot if you want one more or someone drops. -Ryan


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