SAT-01 Murder Adrift (Free Spacer Playtest - 3-5 players)

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SAT-01 Murder Adrift (Free Spacer Playtest - 3-5 players)

Post by XophRA » June 16th, 2013, 9:36 am

Game Title: Murder Adrift
System: Free Spacer - Original Indie RPG Playtest
GM: Christoph Sapinsky
Players: 3-5

Something has gone amiss on your last operation, but something always goes wrong on these backwater asteroid drifts. Murder, the type your Crew has a hard time ignoring, isn’t always cut and dry. Something is going on, on this archaic mining platform, but with hundreds of refugees there are plenty of suspects, but little time. A settler ship is arriving tomorrow. Can you figure it out and find the killers before they disappear to the promise of a glorious new life?

Free Spacer is an upcoming Sci-fi Tabletop Roleplay Game in which the players take the role of a Starship Crew operating in the Orion Quadrant. You are disposable operatives for one of the many Patron factions vying for supremacy in a balkanised Galaxy.


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