SAT-02 Eagle See, Bear Hide; Whale Collect, Snake Lie (Eden)

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SAT-02 Eagle See, Bear Hide; Whale Collect, Snake Lie (Eden)

Post by eddi » July 1st, 2013, 11:24 am

Eden is a game by Marc Hobbs, in which Paradise is corrupted by defining Good and Evil*.

We played four characters who each had a close relationship with an animal (that could speak). The animal itself lived in a particular habitat/environment within the Garden. There were two phases to every round and each round dealt with a particular issue. In our case the issues were Lying, the Eating of Animals, and Euthanasia.

I won't speak for the others, but Ichabod had a sad little story. His unhappiness drove him to lie, and his anger drove him to murder. This led to more lies, and betrayal. The consequences of this eventually resulted in feelings of loathing toward his former friends, but most especially toward himself. He attempted suicide, but failed. I liked that even though Ichabod's morality was perhaps most closely aligned with traditional views, his actions made him the most ostracized.

I really enjoyed all of my scenes with people. (Helping Dinah tend to baby Eagle, being horrified by Bear, wooing and then hurting Zeke.) But I also really liked:
- Dinah's decision to eat the rabbit, because of Eagle's influence and the memory of her father's mandate.
- Zeke's readiness to learn morality from snake (Lie; like me. Eat what I kill; like me.)
- Naamah's distress and pathetic attempts to hold on to the beautiful space she loves so much.

Lot of fun! Thanks, Sylvia, Ben & Marc!

*Not the performing of traditionally Evil acts, but the assigning morality to those acts.

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