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What I Played!

Posted: July 2nd, 2013, 9:59 am
by RoughDreamer
Game 1: Hot Guys Making Out - I enjoyed playing Maria and being super bitchy but we didn't have enough time for tantalizing yaoi-ness before we got all Aces and both guys were killed.
Game 2: Superhero - The deaths above meant we finished pretty early, and this is a perfect loud, rambunctious, and full of gratuitous everything story telling. Ours specifically revolved around kidnapped genetically modified raccoons and having civilized tea with your enemies.

Game 3: Golden Sky Stories - A super cute Japanese game set in a sleepy town, where you play as henge, magical animals that can assume human form and do small bits of magic. I was Shiro, a cute white bunny. We helped a boy, Kenta, find his ball. There was Raccoon-dog dancing at the end when we were all at the park. *squee*

Game 4: The Upgrade! - A larp about a couples reality TV show. It was fun getting to move around and act things out, and a major focus was a broken ice machine that was the meeting place of several clandestine encounters and ended up being bonfired, much to the confusion of everyone who hadn't been involved with the broken ice machine. Got to know lots of people all at once!

Game 5: Monsterhearts - My very first Monsterhearts game! Highlights of our session included an awesome rooftop party thrown by yours truly, which quickly spiraled out of control when Scarlet (new Firestarter skin) set Tyriel, the Angel on fire and he decided to go all winged firey angel and flew over the crowd, causing instant panic and a rush for the one rooftop exit. Zach the Werewolf got in on the action, because, oh, look, it happens to be a full moon, and there was some sexy sexy bloody smoking angel on werewolf wresting action.

Game 6: Downfall - There was lots of great discussion on how best to acquire knowledge and how to keep an eye on "foundational" knowledge to make sure it was sound. Society was going from a "Test Everything" mentality to a Blind Faith in the tools and machines that we had built. Everyone took The Test (tm), which told you what you were the best at and what you should do as a job. A similar program found your Match (tm), who was the person at the moment who you were most compatible with. Almost everyone had their own sexbot. We lived on an old robot city called Titan 54, which was none too happy about its human infestation. It was a lot of fun coming up with the world, but it was hard keeping the flaw vs. tradition separate and playing each distinct character to keep their goals in mind. Definitely a game I'd like to take another shot at.

Game 7: Serpent's Tooth - Insane Clown Posse took over the high school. There were Faygo baptisms. A highlight was the backyard mud wrestling pit. It was kind of scary how ICP slowly took over students and turned them into fans/family. We had a lot of fun yelling at each other and having awkward flirting/insulting banter.

Game 8: Bacchanal - Last year's GPNW was my first one and I played Slammin', which was about hipsters engaging in detailed hook ups with each other and describing how hot you look. This year, I also managed to fit in sex scenes with my story gaming, but it was more erotica than porn. The setting was chaotic, decadent, brutal and some tongue-in-cheek humor, but it mostly highlighted how easily people are used, by others, by gods, as playthings and just as quickly discarded.