Can't Afford the $ to Join Us?

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Can't Afford the $ to Join Us?

Post by moleculo » May 29th, 2010, 6:28 am

If you (or someone you know) have not signed up to join the fun this year because of financial difficulty, I want to help. I'm offering to cover the $40 weekend pass for up to three individuals with legitimate financial constraints. This isn't a "hey! free passes!" offer so if you put your hand in the air it's because you can't afford the expense at this time but really would love to come to GPNW. If you represent yourself dishonestly and take an opportunity from someone more deserving, that's on you. I have a family of four to support and we're hardly rolling in the dough but we're doing well enough that I can make this offer and stand by it. I'm a firm believer in GPNW and hate the idea that someone out there would stand on the sidelines because the price tag was too high. I can do something about that and would love to help out.

If that's you - or you know someone in that situation - send me a private message. Do not post a reply here. Repeat: send me a private message by clicking on "moleculo" over there on the left and then the "send private message" link. Let me know of your circumstances and provide me your full name and contact info. Depending on how many responses I get, I may have to toss names in a hat and pull three. I'll keep this offer open until Monday evening. Then I'll contact GPNW and get up to three folks set up with full weekend passes and will private message them back. This offer is also contingent on any passes being available since there are currently 17 or less. I'm not offering to cover the feast or t-shirts or travel/hotel costs (!) so please don't ask - just want to open the doors to a few gamers in need.

I'm not looking for any public fanfare about this and would prefer to quietly get three gamers into the fun with us. I discussed how I could do this anonymously with the GPNW staff but we couldn't find a good way to set that up so I'm trying this. If you need the help and want to attend GPNW, send me that private message!

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Re: Can't Afford the $ to Join Us?

Post by Ben Robbins » May 29th, 2010, 10:55 am

You rock, Mr. Klein.

(was that public fanfare? too bad!)


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