Games I Wanna Run: "Dreamland" & "Mangaka"

What games are you thinking of playing? What games do you want others to run?
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Games I Wanna Run: "Dreamland" & "Mangaka"

Post by mockman » May 1st, 2014, 11:02 am

Hi everyone,

I'm super excited about going to Go Play NW this year!! My friends have been telling me about it for awhile, but this will actually be my first visit.

Forgive me if this is written elsewhere and I haven't noticed it, but I was wondering what the procedure is for running games? I'd really like to run a game or two of my storytelling/drawing game, "Mangaka", as well as my newer Lovecraft/Dunsany/Italo-Calvino fantasy RPG mashup, "Dreamland." Anyway, I want to throw my hat in the ring!



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Re: Games I Wanna Run: "Dreamland" & "Mangaka"

Post by tonydowler » May 5th, 2014, 4:37 pm

Those both sound pretty awesome! I'm a big Calvino fan. I think you got an answer to your question on Twitter, but it deserves mentioning here too.

From the home page:

"Our focus at Go Play NW is getting together to make friends and play games. Our con is designed to mix opportunities for pre-scheduled games and pick-up games. Scheduled gaming is organized through our forums. Once the gaming schedule is posted, we’ll open up scheduling forums where GMs and facilitators can offer games for people to discuss and sign up. Pick-up play is organized in two ways. First, there will be a table where facilitators can post games at any time during the con. Participants can then sign up to joint he games. There will also be a short pre-slot pickup session before each gaming block for people who haven’t signed up for anything in that slot."


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