FRI-01 Juggernaut/Ruined Temple (playtest) (larp)

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FRI-01 Juggernaut/Ruined Temple (playtest) (larp)

Post by jaywalt » June 23rd, 2014, 9:32 pm

Friday night I'd like a private, open room (not the one with the table) to run two brand-new, experimental Jason Morningstar larps: Juggernaut and Ruined Temple.

I can take 5 people, and I prefer a mixture of genders.

Juggernaut (~2 hours) is an early-1950s psychological thriller larp about room-sized computers; it's been played twice, I think. Ruined Temple (~1 hours?) is a very short sandbox dungeon larp that has never been played before, as far as I know.

I'd like to only accept sign-ups on-site or at the pitch circle if possible.


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