SAT-02 Witch: Road To Lindisfarne (Lottery slot)

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Ben Robbins
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SAT-02 Witch: Road To Lindisfarne (Lottery slot)

Post by Ben Robbins » June 30th, 2014, 8:20 pm

players: Adrienne, Jacqueline, Karen, Ben

For the Lottery slot, Adrienne pitched Witch: Road to Lindisfarne, which none of us had gotten to play before.

For the record, this was a fun bunch of gamers to burn a witch with. I liked the dynamics of our characters a lot, particularly how the authority within the troupe shifted as our journey went on — ‘Sir’ Thorne (Jacqueline) escaping with the witch and spending the end of the trip a prisoner as well, Ham (Adrienne) full-on trying to murder the witch to cure his plague. And of course our witch (Karen) messing with everyone’s head every step of the way.

Extra thanks to Adrienne for pitching and facilitating!

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Re: SAT-02 Witch: Road To Lindisfarne (Lottery slot)

Post by eddi » July 1st, 2014, 11:09 pm

Thanks for the post, Ben! It was a pleasure playing with all of you and I'm glad I got a chance to test-drive this game. It will be fun to play it again and try out some of the other characters.

I really liked the mechanic of the witch deciding her true innocence/guilt basically before play and having it revealed at the end.
I also liked the little ritual of each character contributing to burning the witch with a predefined statement. It set me up nicely to have my heart-strings tugged at when the witch made her statement.
The map with the abbreviated rules was super-helpful.
One of the rules that I thought would be the most throw-away - everyone adding a detail about the island - ended up being one of the most valuable for me. We didn't dwell a lot on the background for many of our scenes, and I liked having the environment more clear in my mind.
We didn't really follow the 'tone' cues for the different acts. I don't think our game suffered for it at all, but it's something I'll try and do in future to see if it makes a difference.

My fellow players were awesome! I particularly enjoyed Sir Thorne and Armond's little discussions regarding faith and duty. Karen, also, had a fantastic idea for how the witch could be both innocent and guilty at the same time. Thanks for the great Saturday afternoon, guys!

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