SUN-01: Protocol/Murder Mystery

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SUN-01: Protocol/Murder Mystery

Post by eddi » July 1st, 2014, 11:37 pm

This was a very fun little romp with Jacqueline, Kingston and Jim. We used Jim's light-weight Protocol system that hands you a setting and then uses playing cards to establish relationships between characters, and the types of scenes (and their locations) that the story proceeds through.

Highlights for me:
  • Kingston framing us into an interrogation montage.
  • Jaques killing/trying to kill/accepting responsibility for killing so many people.
  • So many awesome accents!
  • The General's secret scheme.
  • Playing up Roger's misogeny (and giving him a twinge of humanity underneath it)
  • Claire's indignant brandishment of CSI protocol to make her arguments.
  • Jacques, the most guilty, getting away with it while the rest of us suffered. (Albeit some more than others.)
This was a great low-threshold game to play on Sunday morning and it was such a treat to engage with the other charmingly dysfunctional dinner-guests. Thanks everyone for making this such a fun game!

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