What I want to play and do!

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What I want to play and do!

Post by tonydowler » May 29th, 2015, 1:57 pm

Really looking forward to Go Play NW this year!

I'm working on a special DCC funnel for this year.
I will run a playtest of Principia if anyone's interested. It's a renaissance adventure RPG where as you play you answer the Great Questions of the world such as "Does the end justify the means?" "Does god care what happens to people?" "Does superstition trump truth?"
I'll probably bring In a Wicked Age, Twilight Struggle, Kingdom, Microscope, and Dungeon World.

I really want to play Blades in the Dark and Torchbearer, preferably with pre-gen characters so we can jump right into the adventure.
Also hoping for Fall of Magic.


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