Who Are You?

Are you excited for GPNW 2018? What games are you thinking of playing? What games do you want others to run?
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Name: Chris Eng

Re: Who Are You?

Post by theg33k » May 12th, 2011, 4:28 pm

I'm Chris. I'm from Vancouver, BC and I'm going to be heading down with Skinnyghost for my first GoPlay this year! Excitement!

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Name: Harry L.
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Re: Who Are You?

Post by EnricPDX » May 19th, 2011, 10:52 pm

Hello! I'm Harry. I've met a few of you folks at last year's GPNW, which was my first, and I'm very much looking forward to attending again this year. See you all in July!

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Name: Mark J Levad

Re: Who Are You?

Post by MLevad » May 27th, 2011, 11:42 pm

Hello folks, I am Mark and I can't wait to get to my first GPNW. I have mostly played traditional rpgs (D&D, cyberpunk, castle falkenstein, Horror Rules and quite a few others). This will be something new for me and I am really looking forward to it. I recently played Microscope for the first time and it was a blast so I am hoping to get some more of that kind of energy.
see you at the con
Mark Levad

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Name: Remi

Re: Who Are You?

Post by Remi » June 8th, 2011, 4:24 pm

I am Remi Treuer, late of the Durham RPG scene, and recent transplant to Atlanta. I'm not a designer, but I will throw down super-hard in any game I'm in. I'm really looking forward to meeting bunches of new people and getting my face melted off by games we haven't even imagined on the East Coast.

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Name: Victor
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Re: Who Are You?

Post by vjwyatt » June 9th, 2011, 7:16 pm

Howdy. I'm just a gamer from Ohio and I keep hearing about this Go Play stuff you have going on. This year I might be able to check it out. I have relatives in Oregon at the moment and I thought a Seattle trip might be a good start to a trip to meet up with them.

Edit (6-14-2011): Looks like I will not be able to make it. There's coordinating my schedule with work and a few family members standing in the way. If I had noticed the con earlier I might have been able to plan it.

Maybe I'll be able to give it a go next year now I know it's out there.

And... Thanks Tony for all the info via Twitter. I hope the con goes great this year.
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David Dunn
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Re: Who Are You?

Post by David Dunn » June 14th, 2011, 7:29 am

Hello there. Dave Dunn here. I'm from Olympia, so practically a local. This will be my third Go Play NW, and I saw several of you at Fabricated Realities. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

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Name: Keenan Scott
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Re: Who Are You?

Post by kscott » June 21st, 2011, 1:08 pm

I'm Kynnin ("kin-in") and I'm coming down from Vancouver, too. I was at Go Play NW last year and had a great time. I'm looking forward to playing more great games with more great people and general greatness. I write/wrote a gaming blog called the Seven-Sided Die that I've been neglecting in favour of fitting actual gaming into my scarce free time. I've been playing Apocalypse World, Burning Wheel, A Penny For My Thoughts, and Microscope lately, which is a pretty good profile of my tastes.

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Name: Greatseamonster
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Re: Who Are You?

Post by greatseamonster » June 23rd, 2011, 7:51 pm

Nate here, Portland Oregon. Now second GoPlay. I had a lot of fun last time and was not disappointed. Looking forward to it again. I've barely played anything the whole year since then so I'm expecting to slack my thirst at the oasis.
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Name: Colin Booth

Re: Who Are You?

Post by cathexis » June 29th, 2011, 7:17 am

Hi all, I'm Colin, Seattle native, embarrassed to say this is my first GPNW.

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Name: John Hawkins

Re: Who Are You?

Post by traeki » July 4th, 2011, 3:25 pm

I'm John. I grew up in PDX, but I currently live in San Francisco. Eager to get up to my armpits in some story-focused games this weekend, especially Dungeon World and Burning Wheel.

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