GoPlayNW my new conference wide campaign idea for this year, HELP NEEDED TO MAKE IT SUCCESSFUL

Are you excited for GPNW 2018? What games are you thinking of playing? What games do you want others to run?
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GoPlayNW my new conference wide campaign idea for this year, HELP NEEDED TO MAKE IT SUCCESSFUL

Post by ChaosRepeated » June 2nd, 2018, 10:14 am

So last year I ran an entire blades in the dark campaign over the course of the conference, it went really well (except for the drain on me GMing the entire weekend, which ended up in me catching strep throat). So this year, I have been trying to decide what I will run and what I will do, like last year I want it to be a conference spanning thing, and something both interesting and that creates unique stories across the conference. So I've had an idea, however unlike the blades in the dark campaign, in order to do this I will need other gm's to buy into this and work with me on this project.

So the idea started with one or two mentions of D&D, a game that I love but given the bite sized sessions of the conference and the roleplay heavy focus of the conference, was a system I was struggling to make plans around. I was hanging out in the New Runswick discord servers and it hit me, organize a west marches, style multisession campaign over the conference. The way it would work is this, I would need at minimum 2 other DM's, more are welcome to join and you can join as a GM as late as you want, just let me know, I'll brief you, and set you out to go. Players will either turn up with prerolled characters (Ill setup a discord room and bot for the rolling so it's fair), with level 5 characters, using any of the WoTC books, and I'll also build characters that people can claim (ofcourse once it's claimed it's theirs). Those players can take their character sheet to any sessions at the conference running in this meta campaign, keeping any items and any xp they get from other sessions.
The world itself will have a base in the head quarters of a secret society that the players are all members of, the head quarters will be hidden and the only safe place in the world. The setting will be some kind of build multiplanar city, like Sigil, but you know fleshed out by the events of the weekend. The reason for setting it that way is it will allow exploration, but not result in the just plain lost in the wilderness style that happens sometimes in westmarches. Each person who DMs will be made an honorary power of the City and provide lore of the power, and we end up doing this I know I plan of cosplaying my NPC atleast once.
I and the other GMs will check in and incorporate the events of the sessions with each other, additionally in planning it I will work on a welcome to night vale/loveraftian style mystery to under pin it, to see what details the players uncover over the course of the weekend.
Ofcourse in order to really do this to the size and scale I want, I need buy in from other potential GMs and players, so if this sounds fun to you let me know and we will work on it together.

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