SAT-02 Free Spacer (4 slots)

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SAT-02 Free Spacer (4 slots)

Post by XophRA » June 25th, 2018, 10:13 am

Free Spacer is a science fiction game about a crew of a commissioned starship working for a Patron faction in a quadrant wide cold war. There is exploration, trading, investigation, bounty hunting, space combat, science projects, infiltration, troubleshooting, and away missions. We play to find out how the crew gets the job done, the choices they make, the rules they break, and the lengths they will go for their Patrons.

For more information on the game checkout the Free Spacer Website; If you have questions, comments, or suggestions join the Free Spacer g+ community , the facebook page, or follow @XophRA on twitter.

Kickstarter Announcement: Free Spacer will be launching on Kickstarter on August 14th. I've been running Free Spacer at GoPlay NW since 2013 and I have to thank everyone at GoPlay NW for your acceptance, feedback, and friendship. If you played the game before, come check out what it has become and haven't played, I'd love to show you!

Finally, if you have a stream, podcast, or do something else cool that might benefit from involvement with the Kickstarter, come find me and we can chat.


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