Looking for a DM to Playtest "Dreamland"

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Looking for a DM to Playtest "Dreamland"

Post by mockman » May 28th, 2019, 1:13 pm

Hi GoPlayNWers,

Long shot question, but unfortunately I can't make it to the con this year and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in running a playtest of my RPG "Dreamland"? I playtested a very early version of it way back at GoPlayNW in 2014 and have been tinkering with it in San Francisco since then, and would love to get feedback on the latest version!

The pitch:

* Dreamland is a RPG of fantasy, identity & wordplay inspired by Lovecraft & Dunsany's Dream stories, and by things like "The Neverending Story", "Labyrinth" and the isekai genre. Players play dreamers who go from their waking life into Dreamland, a fairyland-like world outside of time, a place of dragons, hippogriffs and zoogs, of strange cities, of vast jungles and deserts. It's a DMed game and the DM plays the traditional role of keeping track of things and helping bring meaning out of randomness.

* As a player, your connection between Dreamland and reality is Memories. Your waking world self and your dream self are separate people linked by unfathomable bonds, people who only have a partial knowledge of one another. Essentially, you play two characters at once. Your Memories of your waking life are your lifeline to the waking world.

* Rules-wise, there's some dice, but the biggest element of the game is Words: 300 Word mini-cards divided into 5 categories, Wonder, Loathing, Mystery, Exoticism and Passion. These elements are the Five Pillars of Dreamland. During the game, the DM gradually distributes the Words into a common pool, and players gather and combine Words them to fuel their powers by making flowery speeches. Different Roles (like character classes) and Memories are associated with different types of Words, so different characters (and their players) are encouraged to speak in different ways.

I'm not sure how to embed images on this forum, but here's a shot of the Word Cards:

And here's some art from the game:

If anyone is interested in scheduling a game, I'd be happy to mail you a set of Word Cards and give you access to the rules files! Let me know! I'll check this forum, and I'm also at (myfirstname) at mockman dot com.

Many thanks,

Jason Thompson
Twitter @mockman

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Re: Looking for a DM to Playtest "Dreamland"

Post by tonydowler » May 31st, 2019, 1:21 pm

Moved this topic to "Burning with Anticipation".

Also, I plan to run a playtest of this, and will have materials for anyone else who wants to run a playtest too.

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