FRI-02 Copperhead County: The Waffle Hustle (1/4 players)

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Jason Eley
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FRI-02 Copperhead County: The Waffle Hustle (1/4 players)

Post by Jason Eley » June 5th, 2019, 1:22 pm


Copperhead County is my Forged-in-the-Dark game of real-world American crime and corruption, set in a fictional Tennessee county in the year 201x. RIYL the Breaking-Bad-Better-Call-Saul-iverse, The Wire, Justified, your Grand Thefts Auto, and other contemporary American criminal action-dramas.
Copperhead County is a Forged in the Dark roleplaying game about organized crime, political corruption, and life and times in the modern American South. Your characters start the game broke and hopeless in America. Can you be your own bosses, build your own business, and live the dream? Can your crew beat the establishment, the good ol’ boys network, the entrenched machines, and become the big fish? What kind of lives will they live during their pursuit, and what sort of triumphs, hurts, and heartbreaks will they experience? That’s what we play to find out!
You'll play a crew of outlaws trying to make a dollar in this cold world by undertaking an illegal quest for loot. You'll probably steal some stuff, maybe fight some goons, perhaps engage in tense negotiations, possibly enjoy high-octane car chases, and so forth. Perfect for a late Friday night!

I'll be debuting a new module which will be included with the game, Exit 96: a mini-sandbox along a dark mountain highway, a hive of criminal intrigues and illicit goings-on, into the middle of which your crew will soon find themselves.

Your primary job will be The Waffle Hustle: Your crew has gotten wind that a rival's stash is hidden behind the unassuming façade of a highway-side Waffle Huddle restaurant. But how are you going to break into a place that's open 24/7?

Character creation will be done at the table. We might fit in a second job if we have time. Also, I hope to debut all-new designs for the playbooks and reference sheets at GPNW.

I would love up to 4 players but could go down to 2 or up to 5 depending on turnout.

1. Isaac T
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Re: FRI-02 Copperhead County (0/4 players)

Post by Isaac_T » June 6th, 2019, 3:12 am

I'm in!

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