GPNW 2008 Quotes

May 31-June 1, Watertown Hotel
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GPNW 2008 Quotes

Post by ping » April 24th, 2010, 3:58 am

Day 1
  • "Oh Brandon, don't deprotragonize the GM." - Chris Bennett
  • "The Second Coming of Christ takes a five-foot step." - Christian
  • "If you don't watch the Super mega happy fun hour, the Canadians will win." - Will H.
  • "You're at the end of my fist!" - Dan S.
  • "I run in some direction." - Ryan
  • "We shine some light into the jungle, and if it shoots back, it's not the Captain? God Bless the US F--kin' Navy." - Johnzo
  • "She snorts his ashes to be closer to him." - Chris B.
  • "I tear his heart out and eat it." - Nathan
  • "This is not the first zeppelin cathedral that I've sabotaged." - Lukas
  • "Glory time, Flyboy!" - Anna Lin
  • "I do my best severed head imitation." - Ogre
  • "Hey baby, you wanna go back to my vat?" - Brandon
  • "Hold on... I need a 2-minute reboot to do God." - Johnzo
  • "I'm Xeno Fury, baby!" - Xeno Fury (John Harper)
  • "Are they an endangered species?" - Jeremy
    "They're about to be." - Brendan
  • "I'm like a freakin' mix tape... of street luge." - Death Laser Lukas
  • "Quality is overrated." - John Kim
  • "Sqwaaak!" - Ben Lehman as a strangled swan
  • "This fuel line has been pistol-whipped!" - Chris Bennet
  • "Chocolate chip cookies?? This is the best siege ever!!" - Chris B
Day 2
  • "How come the dark forms are never helpful? They're always bad." - John Harper
  • "There is no running away in the face of adversity in Jungle Speed." - Joe McDonald
  • "Reset password to: Zinfandel." - Tony Dowler
  • "Damn, the EPA is going to be pissed." - Ogre
  • "Is anyone on my side? Does anyone want to nuke the world?" - Lukas
  • "It looked so flammable!" - Lesley
  • "Post-apocalyptic France... it starts like Shrek, and ends like Akira." - (no attribution)
  • "Please get your terminology straight; this game [4th edition D&D] has been out for like negative a week." - Doug B.
  • "The soccer mom is the only survivor." - Lukas
  • "Oh great god of lawful goodness, please destroy all evil in this game!" - Alan
  • "Good! Roofs don't have a lot of words." - Winston [ed: did we have a Winston, or should this be Wilson?]
  • "Oh, missed on two again! Wait, I... get... pluses..." - Jackson
  • "You made me write on my pants!" - Brendan
    "Oh, sorry... at least you didn't lose your pants." - Joe McDonald
  • [Plus three bonus quotes that didn't actually make it onto the board!]
  • "There is no looking at cute women in Jungle Speed!" - Joe McD
  • "...then the other insignificant characters do some damage to the dragon..." - Jackson
  • "We're gonna play Polaris on the way back in the car." - Daniel
    "But only if Daniel is driving." - Chad

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