SUN-02 The Silicon Tide (DW: Adventures on Dungeon Planet)

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SUN-02 The Silicon Tide (DW: Adventures on Dungeon Planet)

Post by eddi » July 1st, 2013, 11:49 am

We had:
Carson - Scantily-clad but surprisingly lethal Earthling
Bishop - Repair-bot and staunch supporter of the Human Space Empire
Torg - Kill-bot and supposed supporter of the Human Space Empire
Halek - Our inept Ranger leader
Wilder - Prescient fire-walker and healer

What started off as a half-hearted exploration of a recently downed Machine ship, became a risky salvage mission, and then a political conspiracy and then an Empire-changing space-battle. (Sure, there were only three ships, but our deaths would have had far-reaching consequences.)

Memorable Moments:
Carson's temporal-phasing moment was crazy and funny and sad. Delighted he made the caddy space-worthy.
Wilder's support of Torg and the plight of the machines! This was very sweet. Torg couldn't really appreciate it, but I did. Also cool to see her taking on the burning robot bare-handed.
Halek had so many lovely moments of foolishness and cowardice - a real pleasure to watch (and, of course, to serve).
Seeing Bishop own at tech-magery was fun, but I really loved his 'awakening'. So happy that everything tied in together so well at the end.

Playing Torg was super fun. I kind of wanted to play up an HK-47 vibe more and do some actual sabotaging; but it's hard to be psychopathic and retain party cohesion.

I really like Dungeon World. Initially, I thought I might not 'get' a Science Fantasy version of it, but no worries there. This was a real pleasure. Johnstone has made a great supplement and GMed a fantastic adventure for us with it. Thanks everyone!

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