SUN-02: My Daughter Queen of France

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SUN-02: My Daughter Queen of France

Post by eddi » July 2nd, 2014, 12:11 am

Players: Kaser, Emily, Hannah, Daniel and myself (Daniel as Shakespeare)

My first time playing this and it was a real treat. We already had a little discussion about the system in general and our game in particular after we finished playing, that gave me the opportunity to gush about my observations, but I wanted to point out that we played a slightly newer version of the game than the one currently available on the net. The two aspects that I remember in particular as being refined are

1) Two questions on the 'Friend of Shakespeare's' sheet: 'What is your name?' and 'What is your connection to Shakespeare? How do you know him?' I believe that Daniel was just making sure these pieces of information were explicitly defined and didn't accidentally get overlooked.

2) Table-talk isn't utterly verboten. (I think I'm right about this being a change from the previous version.) Thank heaven. I actually forgot I was supposed to still be in character between scenes and was happy to use the time to try and shake-off some of the lingering intensity. Also, I liked being able to ask questions and share observations while the game was ongoing instead of being obliged to hold onto them all until the end - although I agree that too much of this must break the mood.

Everyone should play this. It lets you explore how assumptions color perceptions and how malleable 'the truth' is - among other things, I'm sure.

Great game. Great players. Great experience.

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