Sevastopol Missions: Narcissus, Daisy & Juniper [3:16]

July 26-27, PB&J
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Re: Sevastopol Missions: Narcissus, Daisy & Juniper [3:16]

Post by Ben Robbins » April 29th, 2010, 11:40 pm

The second half of the story: John runs a bunch of 3:16 games at GenCon, showing the flip-sides of a lot of the same missions he played in at mini GPNW 2008
At the very last second before the mission briefing, I decided to run the same planet Ben started with when I played (Narcissus) -- as a kind of homage to him. Instead of doing the exact same mission, though, I decided to do a parallel story about a different squad on the same planet, doing a secret black-ops thing on the side. I didn't tell the players any of this, I just enjoyed the parallel story thing as my personal bit of fun. That proved to be a good decision, and I followed through on the parallel mission idea for all the games at the con.
[3:16 @ GenCon] 4 Days, 6 Games

Cool stuff.

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