mini GPNW 2008 Quotes

July 26-27, PB&J
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mini GPNW 2008 Quotes

Post by Ben Robbins » April 30th, 2010, 2:47 am

A few quotes from mini GPNW 2008, because nature abhors a vacuum:


"How would you feel about having a lot of acid on you!" -Jackson, to Chris
"Well, I'm on fire, cursed, and marked, but at least I'm not covered in acid... AUGH!" - John
" the FACE!!" -Ian
"In a minute we're gonna cut him open and find out how old he is." -Jackson, re the Flame of Vecna
"Yeah, count the rings of fire" -Brendan

"Ain't nothin' like graveyard lovin'" -Jordan
"I have a notoriously strong bladder" -Matthew

"My legendary calm is gone." -Trooper Syphon, Ryan, right before rolling up Trooper Seven
"I know you are excited by this news, troopers, as am I" -Sgt Cabral, John Harper
"Everybody keep your dicks dry" -Sgt Cabral, John Harper

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