Introducing our new Volunteer Coordinator!

Tony Tony
Jul 03

I am very excited to introduce our new volunteer coordinator, Ben Robbins! Ben is the designer of fine games such as Microscope, Kingdom, and Follow. He has also been organizing and facilitating Story Gamer meetups in the Seattle area for years. Go Play NW owes a significant portion of its success to Ben’s efforts in expanding the community and welcoming new members. So welcome, Ben!

In the past, the volunteer coordinator hasn’t really been involved in the organizing of Go Play NW. By bringing on a coordinator earlier in the process, we’re hoping to make things run more smoothly for everyone. Please let us know how we’re doing during the event and after with suggestions or feedback. You can contact us by email at, or by speaking directly to any of the staff.

Also, a huge thank you to all our volunteers: past, present, and future. You are part of what makes this weekend awesome.

Pickup Games in Every Slot

ben robbins ben robbins
Jul 01

Don’t see something you want to play in a particular time slot? Never fear! At the start of each game slot, we gather everyone to organize pickup games — the infamous Donut.

Pickup games are a huge part of Go Play NW. Some people spend the whole con never scheduling a game in advance and just join games at the Donut.

If you want to jump in, just be there at the start time for the game slot and you’ll get in a game. We’ll have people combing the corridors to make sure no gamer gets left behind.

Want to facilitate a pickup game? We’d love you to! Just tell the person organizing the donut that you want to run a game and they’ll get you set up.

Happy gaming!

Be a Go Play Amabassador!

Tony Tony
Jun 28

Hey folks,

We are well on our way to the biggest Go Play NW ever! The Go Play NW family has been steadily growing year by year. We’re very excited to be preparing for our biggest event ever.

Excited and a little scared!

It’s you, our community, who make Go Play NW great. That’s why we’re asking for some ambassadors to help make sure this Go Play is a success. Here’s what you can do to help:

Bring something to a donut.

Pick a slot and commit to offering a pick-up game. We’re always hungry for more facilitators in the donut.

Offer a game on the forums.

Forum activity has been a bit slow, so consider posting a game for players on the forum.

Meet people.

This year there will be more new people than ever before, so if you see someone new, introduce yourself.

Send us your feedback and suggestions.

Keep us in the loop. Tell the Go Play staff what works and what doesn’t. Ask questions. You can reach us at

Being a Go Play ambassador isn’t an official thing. Rather it’s a way of describing the good things we do when we get together to game. So join us in creating a fun community environment at Go Play NW 2017.

What is Go Play NW About?

Tony Tony
Jun 19

Go Play NW is about meeting friends and playing games. To help make that happen, we have a mixture of scheduled games and pick-up gaming in every slot. Since our focus is on gaming, we don’t have any panels or vendor rooms, though if you want to organize a formal meetup or panel, you’re welcome to do so.

Scheduled gaming occurs through our forums. If you’re wondering what games to bring, or if there’s a particular game you want to play, head over the Brainstorming forum. The Brainstorming forum is a good place for people who want to play the same games to meet.

Scheduled gaming is also organized through the forums. If you have a game you want to run or facilitate, consider posting it in the scheduling forum.

Pickup gaming occurs in every slot with an informal organizing session at the beginning of the slot. This is a time to offer games, find out what people are facilitating, and get involved.

Go Play NW runs on attendee participation. If you come ready to have fun and possibly offer to run or teach a game or two yourself, it makes the event better for everyone.

See you in July!

Room Reservations and Tshirt Sales Close Tomorrow

Tony Tony
Jun 14

This is your last full day to reserve an overnight room for Go Play NW, so sign up now! This is also the last full day to get a Go Play NW 2017 T-shirt!

See you in July!

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