Tickets on Sale! (and a change to the schedule)

Tony Tony
Mar 30

Go Play Tickets are now on Sale!

Tickets are now available for Go Play NW, July 7-9, 2017. We’ve got a few changes in the works this year, but first, here’s something that’s staying the same: membership prices will not go up this year. We’ve worked hard to keep Go Play NW as affordable as possible, and in that vein, Go Play memberships are will cost the same this year as last year. Room prices have risen slightly to meet increasing costs.

And another big change this year: the Go Play NW feast has been moved to Saturday. Why are we moving the feast? One of the biggest reasons is that our community is growing and changing. Every year we have more people coming to Go Play. More and more of those people are completely new to our community. That’s why we want to have the feast on Saturday, our biggest day in terms of attendance–to give everyone a chance to meet and get to know each other in an informal setting.

We will have more details on the schedule soon.

Go Play NW Dates for 2017!

Tony Tony
Jan 25

Go Play NW 2017 will take place Friday, July 7 – Sunday July 9, 2017 at Seattle University.

We’re looking forward to our biggest year yet! Every year new people come and join the Go Play NW community. When we first started, the organizers knew almost everybody at the convention. Today, Go Play NW spans communities of friends and gamers in multiple countries. So this year we are going to focus on how we make Go Play NW a more welcoming place for people who may never have attended or even heard of Go Play NW before. That doesn’t mean we’re making huge changes. This will still be the same convention our members love. What we are going to do is revisit how we run things and see where we can make it friendlier to first time attendees.

The afterglow

Tony Tony
Jul 11

Go something you want to say about Go Play NW? Want to reminisce about the good times? Find the person you played that amazing session with? Check out the Afterglow: What we Played forum.

Or, if you’ve got some feedback, complaints, thoughts on what was great or could be better? Share them in the Afterglow: the Good, the Bad, and the Awesome forum.

Go Play NW 2016 Event Guide

Tony Tony
Jul 06

Go Play NW 2016 is only a few days away! To help you get ready, download and print the Go Play NW 2016 Event Guide. The guide contains useful information about check in, the venue, wifi, parking, and food.

Note on parking: Seattle University has changed their policy from previous years; we have been told that all attendees who need parking, whether staying overnight as guests or just for the day as commuters, will be charged $5 per day per vehicle. You can get a parking pass at the front desk of Campion Hall.

Game scheduling deadline is Wednesday July 6th

Tony Tony
Jul 05

Hi gamemasters, players, and facilitators. We are closing game scheduling at midnight on July 6th. You can still access and update the forum, but the signup board at Go Play will reflect the state of the forum as of Wednesday.

Also PLEASE UPDATE your post with a list of confirmed players. We don’t want to comb through the thread trying to confirm who has signed up and who has not. It always ends in tears. See you soon!

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